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Cody Linley Leslie “Jake” Ryan born April 3, is a famous actor, who is capable of attracting many girls’ attention due to his fame. However, when Miley is the only girl at Seaview Middle School who is not interested in him and his fame, he decides to chase after her instead. They share an off and on relationship. He was a new kid in Miley’s middle school. He initially annoyed Miley with his self centered attitude, but along the way they start developing crushes for each other. The two tried to make each other jealous by dating other people, which didn’t work out too well. Jake kissed Miley, but on the same day, he left for Romania. He wasn’t seen again until the second season, where he continually tried to get Miley to take him back by sending her various gifts such as muffins and flowers.

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Broken by Werty ink reviews Gabriella had been in college for a year now and her and troy were drifting apart. After waiting by the phone for him to call, she decides to go out with her best friend. However the night doesn’t go how she planned and she has to live with the consequences. Miley is Gabriellas best friend. She always seems confident and cheerful but she has one hell of a past.

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Hannah Montana is a Disney Channel original series about a girl named Miley Stewart who lives a double life as a world-famous pop star named Hannah Montana. Miley herself is a normal teenage girl who lives with her Father, Robby Ray, who used to be a famous country singer (played by her real-life father Billy Ray Cyrus, who used to be a famous.

He is portrayed by Jesse McCartney. He was only seen in the first two seasons. Contents [ show ] Description Cooper Finley is a twenty three year old young adult. He is a computer genius and hacker. He hacked Josh’s app and forced it offline. He lives in a small apartment and is not very rich.

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Tracci said the capital murder charge Matthew faced in Graham’s case would be dropped. It ensures public safety and defender accountability. Jesse Matthew walks out of court after pleading guilty to the abduction and murders of Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington, at Albemarle Circuit Court The families of the victims spoke to the media following Matthew’s sentencing.

Through his attorney, Matthew said he was sorry and loves his family very much. In an emotional statement following the sentencing, Morgan Harrington’s mother Gil said today’s sentencing ‘will allow our family to redirect energy into healing and recovery’. Graham’s father John said his family fully supported the agreement, which allowed them to avoid the trauma of a lengthy trial that would have required his daughter’s friends to testify.

“I can prove it,” Jake said as he took off Miley’s blond wig, “Hannah Montana is really Miley Stewart.” Jesse’s mouth dropped. “My work here is done,” Jake said as he threw the wig back to Miley, “you’re welcome,” he walked out of the bathroom.

Hannah is seen here with her husband, Derek Jeter, who will become a first-time father at the age of 42, in Brooklyn, New York in November Baby gets what baby wants: Another surprise, this time for the mom-to-be, came when she started getting cravings for beef jerky Hannah doesn’t eat meat, but apparently her growing baby doesn’t care about that. And that’s not all. Formerly more particular about what she would put in her body, that’s changed and now the model said now she wants to eat everything.

Formerly more particular about what she would put in her body, that’s changed and now the model said now she wants to eat everything The name game: While the lady of the hour hasn’t quite had the mental energy to think about names, the father-to-be already has his top pick in mind Building a team: Eventually she’ll have to rifle through lots of options, because this won’t be the only little on for the handsome couple While the lady of the hour hasn’t quite had the mental energy to think about names, the father-to-be already has his top pick in mind.

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November 7, Guests: This is a special one-hour episode Summary: Miley’s secret becomes a problem. Her boyfriend Jesse reveals he knows her secret just by paying attention, and on the Jay Leno show Jesse plants a light kiss on Hannah’s cheek, giving the impression that the two are dating. At the beach, Jesse hugs Miley and the world grows upset at him because they think he is cheating on Hannah, not knowing the two girls are the same person.

This upsets Jesse, and the two separate.

Choose a Miley face that sums up your feelings that “Hannah Montana” is 10 years old.

Even the most cynical of critics were won over by the charm of Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana is a beloved show with millions of fans. Take this quiz to see how well you remember it! Jackson was the lazy, chubby, idiotic brother of Miley in Hannah Montana. He was always portrayed as a teenager throughout the series, despite the actor Jason Earle being much older. To be fair, the actor never looked too old — he was always convincing as a teenager. Miley was the center of the show from start to finish, but Jackson had a lot of funny jokes and storylines to make him a fan favorite.

Which sibling is the older one of the two? Of course, Hannah Montana was the famous one, the alter ego of mild mannered high school student Miley Stewart who somehow also finds the time to tour the country and perform live and record albums and go on talk shows. Her best friend Lilly Truscott is always there with her, backstage, and she also dons a colorful wig and uses an alias to avoid her true identity getting out.

What is the name that Lilly used as an alter ego?

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Season 2 cast L-R: In ” My Best-Friend’s Boyfriend “, Larry David was approached by the producers about being on the show when he attended a Hannah Montana taping with his two daughters, who were fans of the show. He agreed, and appeared in the episode with his daughters, playing himself as a “frustrated restaurant patron”. David’s daughters are “huge fans” of Hannah Montana. Heather Locklear was also convinced to guest star after attending with her kids.

The episode handles this by separating scenes between Miley/Jake and Hannah/Jesse — meaning Jesse is only aware that Hannah is dating somebody — but eventually the two guys end up confronting each other in front of Hannah.

The arena was extraordinarily packed as kids as young as six were accompanied by parents, and there were plenty of teens, young adults and even adults amongst the concert-goers as well. And although these songs were unknown to a majority of the audience, hushing the fans in silence and confusion—which was rather amusing — the fans nevertheless embraced the songs as they swayed their arms along with the music.

Cyrus performed every song with great vocals and energetic disposition. The show also lacked in interaction with the crowd, as few words of inspiration and messages about the songs were being said, ultimately sounding very rehearsed. It would have benefited Cyrus and the audience if she introduced the less-known songs, but nevertheless, the audience did a great job at keeping up with her throughout the night. Accompanying the setup was the main big screen behind the stage used as the central backdrop for visuals, along with the two screens on the side for fans viewing from far distance.

In terms of backdrop visuals, clips from music videos were used, and others had modern, edgy themes and moving visual clips to aid the songs. By the end of the day, it all comes down to the music and the overall show itself.

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Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Vanished in Virginia Vanished in Virginia — University of Virginia student Hannah Graham went missing on September 13 and was last seen walking through a popular dining and shopping district in Charlottesville, Virginia. The year-old’s skull and bones were found in October.

March 24 marks the 10th anniversary of Hannah Montana, and people are still debating over the Miley/Jake/Jesse love triangle of Jake Ryan (Cody Linley) and Jesse each had a .

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Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. New Kid in School – A new kid in school makes Miley jealous so she confesses her secret of being Hannah to this week in Hollywood Bree Samuels at school. Now she must try to cover it up, and make it seem like she was only joking. Good Golly, Miss Dolly – Dolly Parton guest-stars as Miley’s godmother, and she Miley, and Lilly, must retrieve a videotape telling of Miley’s feelings for Jake After Oliver grabs the wrong camcorder People Who Use People – Miley finds out Jake dumped his school girl friend, but is upset when she sees him with a new girl friend who’s an actress.

So to make him jealous, she accepts a date from a guy named Willis.

Hannah Simone (born August 3, ) is a British-born Canadian actress, television host, and former VJ and fashion model. She is best known for portraying Cece on the Fox sitcom New Girl.

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